This True and Horrifying Story About Internet Dating Needs to be Shared and Used as a Lesson


As the internet started getting popularity, the means of communication got better and easier. With all that the online dating reached its peak and people started finding their partners online. Many have absolutely got in touch with nice and decent people but many have lost their lives. The girls become a victim of sexual assault and rapes. Many have been rapped and killed. 

The internet dating is horrible and the stories happening with innocent people need to be shared so that we can get lessons and keep our beloved ones safe from being victims of such crimes. Today we are going to share a real story of a girl who met a guy on a dating website and was murdered 15 days later when she went to meet him.

A 15 years old Kayleigh Haywood received a message on Facebook from a man she had never met before. 

As the users try to get frank with girls, that man sent a random message.