Trump’s Revised Executive Travel Orders Ban 6 Muslim Countries from Getting Visas


The US president Donald Trump signed new travel ban orders on Monday. The revised version of the orders lists 6 Muslim countries as ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’ and their residents will not be allowed to get visas for 90 days. Further details of the revised executive orders are given below.

Trump revised the travel orders banning 6 Muslim countries from entering the US.



Iraq is the only country left off in the new orders. The previous orders were for 7 Muslim countries including Iraq.


The new travel ban orders will be effective from March 16.

In addition to this, the new ban orders have suspended the refugee program for 120 days. The US will not accept more than 50,000 refugees in a year as compared to the previous numbers of 110,000 set by Obama administration.

After the new ban orders, Trump’s campaign sent out an email asking people to sign the petition and support the orders.

The summary of the petition says: As your president, I promise to keep the US safe. I will never stop fighting until the policies voted by you and millions of people are implemented.

The refugee advocates criticized the order as it unfairly penalizes the refugees without improving US security.

Officials from the State, Homeland Security and Justice departments defended the new order as a necessary measure to improve public safety.