Upcoming Horror Movies You better Watch Out For


Horror movies are often subjected to skepticism due to the gore and violent imagery and cliched endings. But this doesn’t stop us super crazy horror flick fans from watching. Who doesn’t love a little suspense revolving around diabolical and mythic creatures waging war against humanity? Well, 2017 will be one heck of a year for all horror fanatics out there. Take out your pens and write down the following names on your bucket list if you dare.

  1. The Black coat’s¬†Daughter (31st March)

This is going to be an interesting movie since it has a distinctive story. The trailer is confusing and curious at the same time. The creepiest thing about this movie is the song, I couldn’t sleep properly after watching the trailer! In the movie, two sisters experience weird and creepy occurrences while they are left alone in their prep school for winter break. During this, the movie shows a young woman going towards the school. the mysterious plot makes it an interesting watch.


2.Wish Upon (14 July)

Wish Upon is yet another work of art by the makers of Annabelle. The movie is about a girl who finds a magic box full of deadly mystical benefits but it all comes with a price. The amazing background score matched with the constant curiosity is super appealing.