Video! HBO Just Accidentally Released the Next Episode of Game of Thrones


HBO seems to be having the tough time with the accidental release of the next episode of Games of Thrones. The episode 6 of season 7 got leaked 4 days early. Though it was removed an hour after its release, people have downloaded it and it’s everywhere now.  The Independent confirmed that it’s the real Game of Thrones episode. It’s now all over Reddit and other social media and streaming services.

As per the multiple sources, HBO Spain has just accidentally released the episode 6 of Game of Thrones season 7. HBO seems to be having real tough time with another leak of the season. 

The Independent has confirmed it’s the real episode of Game of Throne that got released 4 days early. The video was available for an hour before it was pulled down- long enough for it to be ripped and shared.