Warm Water Or Cold Water: One Of Them Is Harmful For Your Health


A lot of misunderstanding out there about the “right” way to get hydrated, whether it’s needing to drink eight glasses of water daily (might be not true), drinking water instead of juice or probably true) or the question of whether or not to drink water with meals the jury’s still out on that one.

Still in the clash of health information, there’s one clear winner: drinking warm water is simply better for you than drinking cold water. Current studies on the best possible way to have your eight or fewer glasses of water daily have found serious pluses to drinking warm water, and downsides to taking your chilled water. Few of us drink warm water, to begin with; unless it’s caffeinated or filled with hot chocolate powder, warm water doesn’t appeal always.

Read on to discover 7 facts about water that just probably change your mind and health.

1. If your throat is dry or sore, hot water for the time being can minimize the pain, and also reduce swelling related to sore throat.

Dr. Oz

2. Generally Water, is useful for reducing pains and swelling but hot water packs a powerful punch because at the same time it relaxes your stomach and muscles.

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