A Woman Makes a ‘Cat Ladder’ So That They Can Come into Her Home When it’s Cold Outside


You might have heard and read some great stories of serving people around. Here today we are sharing this heartwarming story of a woman in Turkey. She is a dentist by profession and she built a cat ladder that could help stray cats enter her home and get rid of the cold outside.

She told that she spotted many cats and animals straying in the area and they had no shelter to protect themselves from the intense cold weather. She built the ladder but was worried how her neighbours would think about her act. She used some flowers and it looked pretty amazing.

The response she received was pleasant. She doesn’t only build the ladder but also spends her free time with cats and dogs and takes care of them. Let’s share her words with you guys. She said, “I don’t wish any animal is hungry or thirsty, I just want them to be happy. This world is not just for people.” 

Sebnem Ilhan from Turkey came up with this amazing solution for stray cats to help them get shelter.


This is the cat ladder that directly leads cats into her home and she loves caring them.