This Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos

Posting anything to the internet leaves it open to commentary, justified or not. Australian comedian Celeste Barber decided to focus her efforts towards making parodies of celebrity Instagram selfies, and she’s encouraging others to do the same. Barber and her sister came up with the idea as a joke. “People take it all too seriously,” Barber told the Daily Mail. “[t]hey have such an obsession with celebrities, the rich, the privileged and all these lifestyle bloggers but yet the celebrities think they are doing normal things. Kim Kardashian posing in a pile of dirt; who does that in real life?”

This is the woman from Australia recreating hilarious celebrity photos. She had done it with photos of all celebrities and no one seems to be safe. 


She has done a 2-3 parts and we are sharing photos from her latest session. These are really funny and the internet could not control these hilarious pictures. She seems to be perfectly skilled in recreating these photos. 

As you can see from these pictures, no celebrity is safe from Sydney-based Barber’s brilliant re-enactments. Whether she’s trying to look as smooth as Beyoncé, as flexible as Victoria Beckham, as tired as Kim Kardashian or as, er, curious as Nicki Minaj, the comedienne infuses each of her pictures with a dose of reality that we can all relate to

This photo went quite viral where a celebrity is holding his partner from the shirt and she tried her hands on this as well and it turned out to be something funny. 

And this one also!