Women Say Every Man Makes These 8 Mistakes During Sex


Most of the men think that they are the best while making out but they need to accept that they make some mistakes in bed. Often women are blamed for being complicated and not easy to understand. Every man hates being unable to understand the woman nature. There is not any better way to improve your sexual skills than to learn from your mistakes and from other men around.

Here we compiled a list of 8 things men do while making out and women hate them.

1. Not Paying the dominant role of leading while making out.

Most of the women love when their partners take leads while making out. Although from time to time, each woman wants to take a credit of leading but this is not going to become the norm. It is a man’s responsibility to play a dominant role during the love making.

2. When they want to try crazy things with their partner.

Every woman loves an adventurous side in his man but when it gets too much, it doesn’t remain fun at all and just exhausting. Every man should have to respect her partner feelings and should have to do all the stuff in a way which is acceptable and enjoyable for his partner too.