All Women Are Viral About This Post Calling Out H&M Senseless Clothing Sizes


If dressing rooms weren’t stressful enough, what with their inappropriate system of lighting and most of the time mirrors that reflect back warped images. Recently it turns out that few stores have such erratic sizing that trying to wiggle into the clothes in that small space is getting even harder.

Lowri Byrne a student Just asked who said she could “barely breathe” when she tried on a dress at H& M despite it being two sizes bigger than her usual size.


She is not the first person to have a problem with H&M and their sizes, to say the least. The store has come under fire multiple times for their system of sizing.

“I am neither overweight (nor that should matter) and although I’m 5 foot 11 my body is pretty average shape-wise,”in a viral post Ruth Clemens wrote to H&M . already “It’s difficult enough for me to find clothes that fit well because of my height, why are you making jeans that are unrealistically small? Am I too fat for your everyday range? Should I just accept that accessible and affordable high street and on-trend fashion isn’t for people like me?” to write her own post
Byrne decided to H&M, and it also quickly went viral.