These Lovely Photos of World’s First Gay Muslim Wedding in the UK are Winning the Internet

It could be unbelievable for many but it’s true that a Muslim man has become the first person to wed in a same-sex marriage. Jahed Chaudhry, 24, from Bangladesh, just married Sean Rogan. Mr. Chaudhry and Rogan met two years ago when the former was crying on a bench in Darlaston. Rogan came like a hope for Chaudhry and a new journey of their relationship started they have now been formalized in form of a wedding. 

We congratulate the beautiful couples on starting a new life. But before this, it’s important to share that Chaudhry has faced a lot of problems for being gay. He is a Muslim and the Muslims can’t afford their children, friends or siblings to be gay. He was even sent on the pilgrimage to change his sexual orientation. His friends used to spit on him and call him “Harum”, which is a very nasty insult in his language.  

Their lovely photos have moved the world and people are in love with their amazing pictures. Here is the lovely photo shoot of the beautiful couple. 

Meet Jadeh Chaudhry and Sean Rogan who met two years ago and tied a knot in world’s first same-sex wedding. Mr. Chaudhry became the first Muslim man in the UK to marry a same-sex man. Their story has touched millions of hearts and their love started when Chaudhry was crying on a bench and he met Rogan.

Chaudhry faced a lot of problems and people used to spit on him as he was a gay. Being a Muslim, he was many times tried to change his sexual orientation by sending him to pilgrimage. He said his family thought him the black sheep of the family but now he hopes to live a happy and amazing life.